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Opis filmu:

The film tells the story of injured servicemen from the South of England overcoming the challenge of living with the loss of limbs.

The technology available to amputee patients is phenomenal, technicians in Portsmouth state that ‘We can provide any limb that can do anything, it’s whether the person is up to that’.
This documentary follows the theme of triumph over adversity for injured service men, specifically those that have lost their legs at war.
The film unfolds through the help of the southern, volunteer led charity, Toe In The Water ( The Charity aims to rehabilitate traumatised, injured servicemen by encouraging them to overcome the challenge of losing a limb through the sport of sailing and organised sailing events.
The film expresses that, although we live in a time where by technological machinery can offer magnificent opportunities, it is also up to us as people to face the challenges that life unfolds. This is shown through the drive of those involved in the rehabilitation with Toe in the Water.
This film was nominated for an RTS award in 2013.

Category: Technologia
Dodane dnia: 21 Apr 2017