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Couple Saves Squirrel From Drowning

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My fiance noticed a squirrel struggling to get out of our pool that’s being built in our yard. We’re not sure how long it had been out there, as we both had just gotten home from working a long shift at the hospital. It looked like it was tiring and had started to drown. We pulled it out of the water, and as we did it went limp. We started to resuscitate it and got a bucket of warm water and a hairdryer to try and warm it as well (we live in Michigan, so it’s still pretty cold here). We are both healthcare workers - I am an RN, and he is a CRNA. After reviving it, it was very disoriented and weak. We continued to warm it, let it rest, and feed it, and within a few hours (and to our surprise) it was able to run off our patio and back to the wooded area.

Category: Zwierzęta
Dodane dnia: 27 Oct 2022