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Dr. Speaker Blower “Future Life” - Official Video

Obejrzane 991 raz(y)
Opis filmu:

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Please read the full description!
What is this?
This is a music video for the Dr. Speaker Blower tune "Future Life" for the LP "Distorted Visions" (Speaker Blower Records #8). This is the eighth video for the album and it is the fifth episode of a new series of videos: "Sci-Fi TV series" with 5 episodes (or, in other words, 5 sci-fi music videos).
This video follows the storyline of Sub-tron presented in the "Bridge" videoclip.
About Sub-tron:
Inspired in the master (Ed Wood - LOL) and in the 50´s Sci-Fi movies, the full story of Sub-tron was created by Dr. Speaker Blower and it was produced by Ourafilmes in Oporto, Portugal. All videos were directed by Miguel Santos.
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Category: Technologia
Dodane dnia: 11 May 2017