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East Bend Motocross

302 MB Dodano 12 feb 2017 Obejrzane 1,054 raz(y)
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t's easy to see why you are all in such great shape and the adult riders look like they found the fountain of youth. You don't want problems, You want photographs. My new experiment worked but leaving it in a manual setting changed the exposures as I am at the mercy of the shadows and the sun. Lots of over exposed and lots of under exposed. lots of out of focus shots that i left in there just in case some racer never had even an out of focus shot of them 50 feet in the air. Sometimes the new signs cuts off Tristen Johnstone's head. I left it in anyway. it's 3am and I'm fried. So I don't make a dumb mistake from being tired I'm going to go at it fresh tomorrow. You guys make me want to ride so I will get my wind therapy, ride around our block like a ten year old kid and then get back to work! The wide Go Pro video looks good. So stay tuned. I may be posting in bursts of 100 to satisfy FlickR, so the titles and photo number make it with the photos! GREAT SHOW Travis Rominger! Thank You! Shane K Smith Stay tuned!

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