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Gorf Video Game

63.1 MB Dodano 22 feb 2017 Obejrzane 788 raz(y)
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Get ready for battle in Gorf, a classic throwback that was one of the first games on the market to use synthesized speech. In this multi-mission, fixed-shooter game, players will attempt to prevent the earth’s destruction – at the hands of Commander Gorf and his forces – through the use of an FS-15 Interstellar Space Fighter. As you defend the planet, watch out for laser ships, as these enemies fire dangerous elongated laser beams. You will face increasingly challenging missions with varying objectives; for example, during the Space Warp Mission, players should shoot opponents at the direct center of the screen before they approach the spaceship and attack. Gorf was originally published in 1981 by Midway Games.

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