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Kelly: Inevitability of technological progress

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Opis filmu:

If you go through the list of controversial subjects and if you realize that most of those things are probably inevitable and we only have decisions about what variety or what expression, that that is very, very helpful to begin with. Human cloning: it's inevitable. We're going to clone humans. The question is how we're going to do it. Under what circumstances; what's the legal context and social acceptance, but we're going to do it. The question is... so we can choose that.

So the cut through; it makes it a lot easier. Electric cars and all those kind of things. The question is, is we want to then extend and say: "Well, how has it been going for a million years? What did evolution do and we can make some guesses about what's more likely. So for instance, open systems always win. Transparent systems win. Decentralized systems win. So we know that and so we can say that: "Well, how well does this new technology enable other technologies?” The more that technology enables other technologies, the more likely it's going to work. So we can use this perspective - in some sense there's even a short-term to allow us to see what's more likely to happen.

Category: Technologia
Dodane dnia: 04 May 2017