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Learn Do Share Copenhagen 2015

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Opis filmu:

In August 2015, Learn Do Share Copenhagen invited everyone to experiment with the notion of Smart Citizens through three days of learning, doing and sharing.

On 17-21 August 2015, at Fæstningens Materialegård and the Dome of Visions in Copenhagen, Sprout Talent Week of the Danish Architecture Center proposed five days of hacks, labs and talks for a smarter city to up-and-coming urban innovators, entrepreneurs, professionals and students…
Creative Roots, empowered by LEARN DO SHARE, prolonged the exploration the following week, focussing the debate towards what is the meaning of our cities – the citizens, and the way they create urban life with both technology and face-to-face physical interaction. Let’s jump back and forth from big data, analysis of behavior, virtual reality, sensors, interface design, hyperlocal data and data visualisation to social media, empowerment, active learning, collaborative thinking, co-creation, play, experience design, place-making…

Category: Technologia
Dodane dnia: 13 May 2017