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Martin Scorsese's Tribute to Alfred Hitchcock

60.5 MB Dodano 20 may 2016 Obejrzane 764 raz(y)
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Opis filmu:

"Key to Reserva" is a 10-minute commercial for a Catalan champagne company in Spain (Freixenet) - masquerading as a short subject documentary - starring and written and directed by Martin Scorsese. Released in December 2007, the commercial, shot in a faux documentary style, purports to be about trying to film "a missing page of a script" to an Alfred Hitchcock film that was never made. Scorsese, a film historian and an underrated actor - as well as an acclaimed director, borrows all of the cinematic signatures associated with the Master of Suspense - in crafting a dialogue-free, approximately three-minute-long, "film-within-a-film" - which includes a classic score from Bernard Herrmann lifted from 1959's "North by Northwest." However, it also pays homage to several other Hitchcock pictures, including "The Man Who Knew Too Much," "Rear Window," "Saboteur," and, in a final shot when the film returns to "faux documentary" mode - "The Birds." This commercial circulated world-wide in late 2007 - with many viewers erroneously believing - that "The Key to Reserva" was indeed a fragment of a full-length film that Alfred Hitchcock intended to make.

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