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Murder In The Private Car 1934 - Trailer

Obejrzane 1,944 raz(y)

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Success Dziękujemy, Twój głos został zapisany i niebawem będzie widoczny.
Good rating
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Opis filmu:

A fast-paced comic murder mystery with most of the action on a cross-county train. The mystery may not amount to much, but it leads to a spectacular eleven-minute thrill ride on a runaway railroad car that's not to be missed. Yes there's a guy in a gorilla suit (and kangaroo in his own suit). Great fun, and it's recently been released on DVD.

CAST NOTE: Walter Brennan, Sterling Holloway and Ray Corrigan appear uncredited. Ray, as usual, is in the gorilla suit.

Category: Zwiastuny filmów
Dodane dnia: 21 May 2016