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Opis filmu:

Directed by Alex Winckler / UK / 2008

A comic love story set in and around Marseille train station. Ralph is 15 years old and in love with his best friend Claire. Claire however sees Ralph as younger brother to her. Ralph decides to travel to the South of France where Clare is on holiday with her family and declare his love to her. Clare however has no idea Ralph is coming. The film starts as Ralph arrives in Marseille St. Charles train station where he immediately tries to call Clare, however he has written the wrong number down. Desperate and isolated, he seeks refuge in a café outside the station. Here Ralph meets Julie, a waitress with whom he strikes up an immediate relationship. The story climaxes when Clare unexpectedly appears at the train station, accompanied by a boy she has met on holiday, and suddenly Ralph has to choose between Clare and Julie, between the girl who up until five minutes beforehand he had been in love with, and a complete stranger. Written by Parkville Pictures

Dodane dnia: 27 Apr 2017