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Seared Cape Scallops with Cèpe Mushrooms

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Opis filmu:

Seared Cape Scallops with Cèpe Mushrooms and White Asparagus, Mushroom Vinaigrette by Takashi Yagihashi.
Chef Yagihashi uses the freshest of Cape or Bay scallops, which are the smallest and sweetest sea scallops from Maine. You may substitute the freshest Atlantic scallops you can buy. Most sea scallops are shucked on board the ship, which stays out to sea for up to 10 days. So when purchasing, here are a few tips. Because scallops tend to lose water, they are often soaked in a water-chemical solution to bulk them up. When these scallops are cooked, they lose this water and shrink. Scallops are sold "wet" (soaked) and "dry" (not soaked and more expensive). But labeling for retailers is not mandatory. So be sure to ask for "dry" scallops. They should be ivory or pale pink, not perfectly white or brownish looking. You could also opt for frozen. The scallops are frozen immediately after being shucked on board and sometimes have a better flavor than the fresh scallops. The cèpe mushrooms, also called porcini, are available in specialty markets in late spring into summer and early fall. The mushroom caps range from small to large; slice them into uniform pieces. If not available you may substitute cremini or their mature version portobello (sliced small), both available year round. The intense flavor of the mushroom vinaigrette is the finishing touch on this simply elegant appetizer.

Dodane dnia: 23 Apr 2017