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Sinistar Video Game

42 MB Dodano 27 jan 2017 Obejrzane 978 raz(y)
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In the Sinistar video game, classified as a twitch game, players will navigate their ship, the Siniship, through space to collect crystals and make sinibombs that take out the enemy Sinistar. How to attain these crystals? Look for them in planetoids, which appear in meteor-like formations and will release the crystals when they are shot. Keep in mind that these valuable crystals are also sought after by your enemies, so secure them quickly. Use the Siniship’s powerful gun to defeat attacking enemies. If you manage to destroy the Sinistar, you’ll receive a total of 15,000 points. The Sinistar video game was developed and manufactured by Williams Electronics in 1982.
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