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Thailand traditional dance dewi on an elephant

34.4 MB Dodano 28 apr 2017 Obejrzane 437 raz(y)
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"Our vacation to Thailand"
The large big stuff is observed { the Siam dance performance and sleeping buddha}......., through the lens of macro and fisheye camera represents linearly compressed perception of physical matter..... in science its can be called classical thought or newtonian mechanics of physical realism .......
The smaller things thats undetectable to the human eye which of course the cameras is severely limited and restricted 2 into what has already collapse from wave into singularity .... this movement is called quanta { the small things .... or movable atoms of matter}.... in which the perceiver directly effect the observed .......
Whats discovered is conveyed to a more lucidity of the temporal aspect of matter with photonics of light {the sun} with the harden objects of the temple ...... also had some fun with time lapse movie by which compressing time of 5 minuets into 5 seconds ........... actually ironically slowed down time for me {a friendly paradox ohhh technology love you } ,,,
Being in one spot for a long time while the camera is filming ..... anyways this is me & Dewi's first 3 days in Thailand and some footage thats we have collected .... yes its all about Paul and Dewi right now ..........

Added on 28 Apr 2017
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