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The Bio - Universal Sphere

56.7 MB Dodano 13 jun 2016 Obejrzane 942 raz(y)
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Opis filmu:

The animation is about an very sudden arrival of completly unknown and physics-defying objects called: Bio-Universal Spheres. They come in different sizes, from 1m to 1Km, they are indestructable, they are not affected by gravity, they are made of a material that we do not know of, but they appear to be harmless. Only their random arrival on earth caused great damage throughout the entire planet, our civilazation suffered massivly. Because humans always act out of selfish reasons, and because they could not do anything against the intruders, they started to blame themselves. Worldwide conflicts and wars broke out and brought even more misery. Until one scientist from [ROBUS] - a giant corporation controlled by a shadow government - accidentaly discovered an unbelievable truth and astonishing secret of the Bio-Universal Spheres. [ROBUS] keeps it a secret to the rest of the world at all costs - for the benefit to the whole world but mainly for their own.
[ROBUS] quickly became the shadow-ruler of the new civilazation, a new age full of light, wealth and rapid economic growth.

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