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The Durid Tank Trailer

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Opis filmu:

Trailer to The Durid Tank. A World of Warcraft Movie about a Main Tank druid who Tanks all end game content in Vanilla wow, and does real world PvP with Tank gear and Tank Build only. If you didn't play Vanilla, you might not understand the significance of a Druid Tank being MT in end game as many didn't utilize or realize it was viable and a helped improve progression during Vanilla. There are also alot of Vanilla references and Server only jokes/references in the video that people watching now might not understand. This video was made with a very broad stroke to appeal to younger and older folks who played the game. The music and language might not, but the actual content was intended to be for everyone to enjoy. PG-13

Category: Solucje gier
Dodane dnia: 22 Jun 2016