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Tourists Taking Pictures While Waiting for Boat

56.3 MB Dodano 17 feb 2016 Obejrzane 758 raz(y)
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This is the place where they dock the boats for the Oboke Gorge Sightseeing Cruise. This spot is already beautiful but it's only the tip of the iceberg. The waiting time for the boat is just about 5 minutes even if it's the peak season. The boats are efficiently organized so that the tourists will not wait long. By the way, don't forget to remove your shoes or slippers before you find a seat in the boat. It's Japan anyway!

There are two interesting small business in this area. One is they sell fish food pellets for only ¥100. No wonder there's a lot of big fish in the dock because tourists would feed those fish. The second one is the good old camera business where they will take a picture of every tourist before they go inside the boat then sell the printed copy to them after they go back from the cruise. Don't worry because it's alright if you don't buy your copy. A copy of a photo costs about ¥1,000.

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