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Opis filmu:

Welcome to the Weekend Warrior. A show about the men and women who sit behind desks all week long, working hard, doing great jobs. And waiting. Waiting till the weekend to unleash their inner adventurer. This first show takes us along with Kenneth Kam, a FOREX currency trader during the week, but Weekend Warrior on the weekends. Have a sneak peak of his first adventure.
Utilizing state of the art technology, Al Caudullo and his team have been delivering award winning compelling productions spanning the globe. Exotic destinations blended with unique cultural experiences give viewers an experience like no other.
From vibrant American cities like San Francisco and Las Vegas to the isolated mountains of Mongolia. From ancient civilizations of Cambodia and Myanmar to the lush resorts of Southeast Asia and beyond. All from the comfort of your living room.
For more information, please visit or
Al Caudullo
(+66) 81-256-7608
(+1) 702-997-2595
As sole copyright holder to all video and audio used in this content, I have the rights to use any and all images and music in this content. I hold forth that the music used in this video has been paid for by myself to SmartSound music.

Dodane dnia: 05 May 2017