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Opis filmu:

Zwischenkörper, “between bodies”, is an interactive performance art piece that explores the perception and manifestation of hybrid virtual/physical synthetic dance partners. It involves a dancer interacting with three hybrid entities, manifested as responsive pillows physically and as color coded undulating meshes projecting onto a screen behind her visually.
This project brings together the fields of visualization, physical computing, motion tracking, and dance to create a cross-discipline study into interactive performance and technology. The visualization portion served to create virtual entities for each of the physical entities in the piece. The physical computing platform helped us to design and construct the 3 physical “bodies” in our piece. Motion tracking was used to convert the dancer’s physical movements to a visualization on the projection screen. Finally, dance choreography was written to bring the elements together and create an artistic expression of what happens when all the various bodies interact.
Through this study, we discovered the emergent relationships and behaviors that can come about when these multiple disciplines come together to communicate a message about the parallel existence of physical and virtual entities.

Dodane dnia: 10 May 2017