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Hey Kids! You have the power to save our planet... simply by saving electricity! And here are 5 ways you can act right now!Back Ward may be leave lights on in empty rooms or keep phone chargers plugged in all the time. But that's why he's backwards.So Number 1It's eeeasy to turn off the lights when you leave a room!Number 2Unplug unused chargers for cell phones or mp3 playersNumber 3Turn your electronic gadgets like tvs or computers to "off" instead of "sleep" or "standby"Number 4Ask your parents to switch the lightbulbs in your home to these babies - compact fluorescent lightbulbsAnd Number 5Share these tips with your friends, parents and teachers.Remember kids, you have the power to save the earth! After all, it's your planet too!

Dodane dnia: 29 May 2016
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