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Opis filmu:

In this original song by The Bumble Bats a kid has to convince his peers that a villain from space and lil blue humanoids are aiming to conquer earth.
Its fun stuff created with a cheap handheld cam and with a laymen attempt at making & animating CGI. (but ya know...the heart and soul of the video is golden)
Time to try and make another one and this time I finally have a new illustrator to help me with ideas. Yay, cause my sketching skills are not so good.
I can see that here on Vimeo I am in the company of masters, but maybe someone will see beyond these humble beginnings. Is there anyone out there that wants to start a team with me? Maybe folks like me dabbling in the field who have some time to spare & are eager/hungry/ have a particular budding talent to offer into he mix? Or maybe someone who seeks a fresh outlook in this crowded domain. I have ideas to share, direction to contribute, music abilities & some budding graphic art talent. Plus I have toured the USA about 40 times over and have the ability and the contacts to show stuff in a live setting and maybe somehow make us $$$. But that's the end of the story. The beginning is now and its all about making friends and partners.
I do think touring the product to coffee shops, clubs & wherever might be a cool approach in this era of internet overload. A mix of electronic, rock, horror & sci-fi themes is what I like. For all ages including the youngest. No one is safe. hehehe
What do you think?

Dodane dnia: 07 Feb 2017
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